Kismet Cat Fund

The Kismet Cat Fund comes from our love of cats, which have played a huge role in both our lives from when we were young. It was named after a very special cat who’s story touched us so deeply we were moved to create an endowment to prevent what happened to him from ever happening again.

The Kismet Cat Fund is an endowment created through the Edmonton Community Foundation, and as such is a registered charity. When you contribute to the Kismet Cat Fund, the principal of the fund is invested. Once the fund reaches $10,000, only the surplus income is used to support the cat welfare organizations that we hold near and dear to their hearts. Your gift continues to give, year after year as the principal is never touched.

This contribution means the fund can continue to grow and support cat welfare organizations for generations to come. You can learn more about the process of creating the fund here:

How Endowment Funds Work


Kismet was a sweet cat who was brought to the shelter in terrible condition as the victim of one of the most severe cases of animal abuse the county had ever seen. Despite suffering at the hands of people, he remained sweet, loving and trusting to those who interacted with him. Sadly, his injuries were severe and he passed away a few weeks after being taken in by Murphy’s Rescue.
This fund was created to honor Kismet. Your contribution to the Kismet Cat Fund is an important part of his legacy and will ensure his spirit lives on while bettering the lives of homeless and neglected cats in the community.

The Kismet Cat Fund will supports organizations:

• Sheltering and caring for homeless cats

• Offering low-cost, subsidized or free spay/neuter programs for cats

• Protecting and rehabilitating abused cats

• Providing public education regarding cat welfare issues

• Advocating for the rights of cats

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