Lindsay Walker Quality of Life Fund

As an incredibly hard-working physiotherapist, Lindsay Walker sought to constantly improve her knowledge and skills through a seemingly never-ending series of courses, seminars and upgrades – including acupuncture and IMS. Filled with kindness, tenderness and caring, Lindsay was deeply passionate about her craft, dedicated to her patients, and fiercely determined to help reduce the pain and suffering of others.

It is in this continued spirit of healing that the Lindsay Walker Quality of Life Fund was created, with all donations directed to the support of individuals researching or suffering from the immensely painful effects of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) – an extremely rare type of spinal arthritis, or to the care and assistance of those experiencing mental health conditions such as extreme depression and anxiety.

Although only 38 years old, Lindsay endured both the debilitating pain of AS and the suffocating, isolating effects of depression and anxiety for nearly a decade. Despite all this, she saw the best in others, and she helped them to see it as well. She loved and gave generously without fear or judgement, apology or condition, and upon her shoulders she supported not only the weight of the world, but the hopes and dreams and fears of everyone who knew her.

It is the wish of family and friends that this quality of life fund serves to provide the shouldered support Lindsay so freely gave to others, and that through it, she might continue to help others stand and face the world with a little more strength and hope for the future.

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