Paull Family Fund

To have two people born in Edmonton in 1929 /1930, neighbors, lived their entire married life in the same house and never move, is quite the story.

The Paull Family actually started off as the Podolsky family. As Cecil was born a Podolsky, whom married a Polsky.

Cecil married Helen, a Miller who married a Greisdorf.

Actually the Miller name was used out West but the original Muhlstock name is still used out East.

The Paull family had 3 kids who all stayed in Edmonton and they had 5 children and all but one are still living in Edmonton.

Because of the long term of involvement in the city of Edmonton, the Paull Family Fund was started in 2002 as a non-designated fund with Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation.

In 2021 the fund was changed to a designated fund, still with the EJCCF and with the Edmonton Community Foundation, and now more focused entirely to the Jewish Archives.

JAHSENA is everybody’s history, whether you were born here, grew up here, made your living here, had a family here, or retired here, you have made a difference to this community. JAHSENA is the best way to recording, preserving, cataloguing and making the stories stay alive and being passed on from generation to generation.

December 16th, 1951
Fanny & Mike
Abe Miller & Betty Miller 1923

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