Rapid Response Fund

People in our community and the charities that serve them are deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The charitable sector has a variety of needs, beyond the agencies that deal with fellow citizens who are directly affected by the virus. The whole sector is impaired as events are cancelled, people are laid off, and revenue is restricted. We want to help preserve the most essential work now, as well as the agencies and infrastructure that will be needed as we move to recovery and rebuilding.

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) has committed $500,000 of its unrestricted funds to seed the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund (RRF) to respond quickly to important needs not addressed by others. ECF will leverage its extensive granting experience and its excellent relationships with other funders and networks of charity partners to provide resources where they can have impact now. We also know that the pandemic affects some groups and people in the community more significantly than others, so we will use our support to address some of those inequities.

Thank you for seeing the potential for this kind of nimble and strategic response.  Your gift will help us leverage other philanthropic capital increasing the value and therefore the impact of your contribution.

Several options are available:

For example, click here to access our Gift Donation Form (for gifts of $1,000 or more). It will allow us to debit your account for the amount you choose. Please complete all areas, email it to donorservices@ecfoundation.org and then phone 780-426-0015 ext. 108 to provide your account number.

Alternatively, for gifts of $1000 or more we can send you instructions for e-mail transfers, bank-to-bank transfers or wire transfers if you send us a request at donorservices@ecfoundation.org.

You can also continue making your gift through CanadaHelps.

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