Tanzi Family Endowment Fund

“Inspired by a friend of how the average person could create a lasting legacy through a community foundation, I decided to (on behalf of the other Tanzi’s) establish a fund which we did in fact establish in October, 2011 with the Edmonton Community Foundation.

I believe and have tried to instill in my children, now adults, to give back to the Community, when you can! I loved the idea of the Endowment Fund to set up via the Edmonton Community Foundation. It just makes sense and will be a lasting legacy for the Tanzi Family….

When you contribute to the Tanzi Family Endowment Fund, you give the gift of a lifetime! The principal of the fund is invested and only the income generated is used to support the organizations that the Tanzi’s hold near and dear to their hearts. Your gift continues to give, year after year with you receiving for your gift, a tax receipt for anything over $50. The contribution you give means that the Tanzi Family can count on it now and forever!

The deserving organizations receiving funds to date have been; WILDNorth Northern Alberta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (Salvatore and Antonio), Edmonton Humane Society (Laura and Chris), Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (Garrett) and Stollery Children’s Hospital (Leslie and Danielle).”

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller –

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