Wagner Family Fund – In Memory of Hazel Balog

Our Story

We knew that we wanted to help our community but didn’t know exactly how so when we heard about the increased strain on the Edmonton Food Bank in 2015 we felt called to participate. After doing some research we felt that creating an endowment fund was the best option. This is a long-term solution to combating hunger rather than a one-time donation, which is also needed, but this creates the ability for the Edmonton Food Bank to count on a certain amount of money to come in each year, ongoing, forever. We feel that every person in this world should have adequate nourishment available to him or her and that is why we believe so heavily in the mandate of the Edmonton Food Bank. While we welcome, and appreciate, your support to building something sustainable, there are needs that require our attention now. This link will provide an idea of how you can help now if you choose to do so http://www.edmontonsfoodbank.com/donate/donating-food.

When it came time to creating the fund and naming it, we wanted to carry on the legacy of Hazel Balog, Megan’s Grandmother, as she was a kind hearted, giving woman, that loved people and always wanted to help. We felt this was the perfect way to honor her and continue to sew her giving spirit. We are so grateful for the love and support we have in our lives and truly appreciate all that anyone can give to this amazing cause!

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