Wayne Smith Memorial Fund

Legend has it, that Wayne’s passion for flying was so visceral, he was born with a pilot’s haircut and wearing aviators. He joined air cadets and earned his pilots license the very second, he was old enough. Nothing, besides his family, made him happier than flying. When he was 19, he became an air traffic controller, still spending his weekends flying. He worked with his best friend, restoring airplane interiors and on his off hours he played flying or air traffic controlling games on the computer. Aviation was in his blood.

His scholarship is designed to support young aviators with the same passion, to pursue their dream of a career in aviation.

A career in aviation means extensive training, which can be very costly. Understanding the financial challenge, there are several programs available to help fund your aviation career training. Individuals who show exceptional potential and need financial assistance throughout the training process may apply for the bursary programs listed below.

Pilot Bursaries are designed for individuals who are passionate about flying in completing ground school, PPL, CPL, or any additional rating on a current licence with the intention of having a career as a pilot. Strictly recreational use does not apply.

Selected Candidates Should:

  • Have a passion for learning
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be looking for a challenge
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be a team player
  • Be community-minded
  • Be an active volunteer
  • Must be residing in Canada
  • Must be enrolled at a flying club or university program equivalent
  • Must show financial need
  • A proven passion for aviation
  • A willingness to work hard

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