Women Building Futures Fund

Women Building Futures (WBF) is pleased to announce the establishment of the WBF Family of Endowed Funds, the first in the organization’s history. This new endowment fund will support WBF in its mission to create positive economic change for women wishing to explore, pursue and/or advance in trade careers.

On May 11, 2017, WBF’s Founding President, JudyLynn Archer established the JudyLynn Archer Fund with a generous donation of $100,000, to be used to help women enrolled in WBF programs with tuition expenses and obtaining affordable housing. The JudyLynn Archer Fund was the first in the WBF Family of Endowed Funds.

“I established this fund in memory of my great-aunt Bertha McCarren, said JudyLynn. “Throughout my years at Women Building Futures, I witnessed miracles that women achieved when they set their minds to it. This endowment fund is my way of honouring my great-aunt by paying it forward.”
Upon JudyLynn’s announcement of her endowment fund, North West Refining and Canadian Natural Resources Limited (long-time WBF partners) each stepped up to contribute matching donations of $100,000 each.

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