Emergency Community Support Fund

Edmonton Community Foundation is activating Emergency Community Support Fund alongside communities coast to coast to coast

We are proud to partner with Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada to deliver the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) in the greater Edmonton area.

Launched on May 19, 2020, we’ve invested [an additional] $2,422,350 through the ECSF towards local charities and qualified donees supporting populations experiencing heightened vulnerability during this crisis. We are pleased to announce the ECSF has supported projects including:

  • $75,000 to the Mental Health Foundations “Providing e-mental health supports/resources to young Albertans and their families”
  • $55,000 to Enoch Cree Nation “COVID-19 Emergency Food Security Assistance Project”
  • $52,000 to Let’s Talk Science/Parlons Sciences “Horizon Project”

Our community foundation will be accepting a second intake of applications to the ECSF from October 5-30, 2020. The Government of Canada’s $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund is helping community organizations adapt frontline services to better meet the needs of vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All grant money must be spent by grant recipients by March 31, 2021 and must be used for COVID-related projects.

We invite you to explore opportunities with the other ECSF funding intermediaries in your community. More information about other national funders is available here. We invite you to follow Community Foundations of Canada’s website for further updates as well.


Since May 28th, ECF has granted $2,422,350 through the Emergency Community Support Fund to charities in greater Edmonton.

Below is a chronological list of grants that ECF has made through the ECSF. Click each tab to view grant details.

Amount: $73,200

Project: Support for COVID-19 Related Increases in Cleaning and Sanitization Needs

Funds paid for cleaning supplies & tools.

Amount: $34,500

Project: Ensuring Safety for Children, Families and Staff

Funds paid for protective measures against COVID-19.

Amount: $75,000

Project: COVID-19 Youth Isolation Space

Amount: $11,400

Project: Facility Assistant – New Staff Position (temporary)

Amount: $25,000

Project: Address food insecurity for those living in poverty

Amount: $14,000

Project: Emergency Electronic Library Resource Centre

Amount: $39,620

Project: Safety, Communication, and Trauma-Centered Care: Sexual Violence Supports During COVID-19

Amount: $47,230

Project: Play from Home

Amount: $25,000

Project: Increased Studio Time for Safe Accommodation

Amount: $50,000

Project: YEG 2021 COVID Emergency Delivery & Large-Scale Food Rescue

Amount: $75,000

Project: Strengthening Street Stride and Collective Kitchen Efforts

Amount: $25,000

Project: HIV and COVID-19 Communication Tools

Amount: $31,000

Project: Zooming Around the Province – Supporting Our Unique Community

Amount: $44,650

Project: Support of Online English Language Learning Programs for Adult Newcomers

Amount: $17,693

Project: Indigenous Family Meal Program

Amount: $22,600

Project: Brain Care Centre Virtual Support during COVID-19 Pandemic

Amount: $50,000

Project: Personal Protective Equipment

Amount: $65,000

Project: Circle of Care

Amount: $4,600

Project: New Orange Hub Space and Learning Library

Amount: $7,747

Project: Virtual Connections

Amount: $14,500

Project: Operational Re-start into a New Normal

Amount: $34,636

Project: North East Employment Hub Enhancement

Amount: $64,603

Project: C5 Community Pantry Expansion Program

Amount: $26,302

Project: Supporting Newcomers through COVID-19

Amount: $40,000

Project: Alpine Outreach and Equity

Amount: $60,000

Project: Technology Ambassadors — Supporting Equitable Technology Access for Newcomers

This grant will help the Multicultural Family Resource Society provide laptops/devices and internet access to marginalized immigrant and refugee families and individuals. They will do this by working with existing networks and incorporating a youth capacity-building component where youth will be trained to build the knowledge and skills of families and individuals (such as isolated seniors) in order to bridge language, economic, social, cultural barriers to obtain and access technology.

Amount: $50,000

Project: Creating Safer Communities

This grant will  help the Indo Canadian Women’s Association create a system navigation position for supporting immigrant women who are victims of family violence.

Amount: $30,000

Project: EFry laptop Project

This grant will help provide laptops to vulnerable people in our community who have been adversely affected by COVID-19 so that they can connect with community resources, family, supports, pursue goals and address barriers that are negatively affecting their wellbeing.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Bridging the Affordability Gap

We will bridge income gaps made worse during Covid-19 by covering some basic needs, providing financial coaching and other CEASE programs so people don’t have to turn to the sex trade to pay their bills.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Community Computer Deployment

This grant will help the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society purchase 66 Chromebooks or laptops and distribute the devices to families and Elders in need.

Amount: $12,250

Project: Administrative Support Staff To Assist in COVID-19 Office Protocols

This grant will help the Brain Care Centre fill an  administrative position to assist its staff and clients during the new COVID-19 return to office procedures.

Amount: $10,000

Project: Building and Expanding on Level’s Indigenous Youth Outreach Program Online

This grant will help Level expand its existing digital justice education platform for its Indigenous Youth Outreach Program (IYOP), so that it can deliver justice education programming remotely to Indigenous students in Edmonton.

Amount: $10,348

Project: Outdoor Enhancements

This grant will help The Good Samaritan Society renovate and upgrade its current outdoor space to allow more residents and visitors to be outdoors while social distancing.

Amount: $31,800

Project: Video Conferencing Room for Multi-Family Group Therapy Sessions

This grant will help CASA add video conferencing capabilities at CASA House to enable multi-family group therapy (MFGT) sessions in large working area to ensure social distancing rules are adhered to.

Amount: $64,000

Project: COVID-19 African Diaspora Community Response

This grant will help the Council for Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta coordinate a food drive and hamper distribution program.

Amount: $57,226

Project: 2SLGBTQ+ Newcomers Covid-19 Relief Practitioner

This grant will help the Pride Centre of Edmonton deploy a practitioner to support the 2SLGBTQ+ Newcomer community with information on COVID-19, support to navigate impact relief services, and assist with finding new employment opportunities for those who are unemployed due to COVID – 19.

Amount: $25,000

Project: CompassionConnects

This grant will help the Compassion House Foundation provide programming to support the mental health of women battling cancer and reduce isolation induced by COVID-19.

Amount: $5,000

Project: Girls Support and Wellness Group

This grant will help the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc develop and deliver an online mental, physical and social support and wellness program for girls ages 12 to 18 years.

Amount: $50,000

Project: COVID Emergency Essentials Care Packages

This grant will help the Mental Health Foundation provide essential food and emergency items to Edmonton’s vulnerable addiction and mental health clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount: $15,900

Project: Little Warriors Be Brave Bridge

This grant will support Little Warriors’ Be Brave Bridge which is a comprehensive online program to support children, teens, and their families to reduce the harm of childhood sexual abuse, and provide a ‘bridge’ to critical mental health trauma supports, fully accessible through the internet.

Amount: $35,000

Project: Helping Hands – Emergency Support

This grant will help the Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation provide resources to assist schools in addressing student and/or family emergency needs including clothing, food, shelter, health and transportation.

Amount: $21,600

Project: DeafBlind Support Services

This grant will help the Connect Society provide temporary support during a critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic to Deafblind individuals through Support Service Providers (SSPs) who provide safe navigation and continuous information about the environment using tactile sign language.

Amount: $75,000

Project: COVID-19 Emergency Food Relief

This grant will help ICNA RELIEF CANADA distribute grocery gift cards to vulnerable populations in Edmonton.

Amount: $22,500

Project: Digital Learning and Connections

This grant will help the Clubhouse Society of Edmonton and Area provide people living with severe mental illness, and who are isolated in the community, with access to learning opportunities and connections to their peers through digital media platforms.

Amount: $57,643

Project: Online Program – COVID-19 Response

This grant will help AAA provide online programming for individuals with disabilities who are experiencing social isolation and are unable to attend AdaptAbilities’ regular programming, while providing respite for their parents/guardians.

Amount: $75,000

Project: Red Road Indigenous West COVID-19 Programs

This grant will help Red Road’s Indigenous West COVID-19 Programs and Services provide further crisis intervention and support services including: cultural (Elders) legal, mental health, educational needs communication, information, temporary financial, travel, and utility needs.

Amount: $44,378

Project: Rapid Response Emergency Distribution Project, Phase 2

To ensure full needs assessments in the context of emergency resource distribution, EMCN will maximize the partnership contributions and grant funding to best support the needs of immigrants and refugees in this protracted time of COVID-19 impact.

Amount: $50,000

Project: COVID-19 Youth Coordinated Response Initiative

This grant will help Boyle Street Service Society create a multi-agency, multi-sector, coordinated response – leveraging innovative technology – to youth homelessness, safety and well-being during COVID-19 and beyond.

Amount: $45,000

Project: Indigenous Birth Support Worker Program

This grant will help the Diocese of Edmonton support Indigenous women and their families during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and beyond, providing wrap around care including physical, informational, practical, cultural, emotional and spiritual support, social connection, as well as advocacy and help in navigating the health care system in relation to pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Amount: $25,000

Project: Enhanced Dining Rooms

Thisa grant will help the Good Samaritan Society Southgate Care Centre create nine enhanced dining rooms to allow for social distancing during meals and a safe area for residents to visit with family, friends, and other residents.

Amount: $40,000

Project: Conquer Hunger – Feeding Students in Need

This grant will support ECSF’s Conquer Hunger Fund which provides financial supports for healthy school lunch, breakfast, and snack programs, targeted to students in our schools who are experiencing food insecurity.

Amount: $20,000

Project: Concerts in Care Digital Series

This grant will support HASA’s quarantine digital series to bring concerts to elders via online concerts and ipads.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Virtual Muscular Dystrophy Canada Programs & Services

This grant will help Muscular Dystrophy Canada develop a new approach to many of its programs and services including systems navigation, webinars, networks, emotional support, essential equipment and shifted our delivery to a virtual platform.

Amount: $75,000

Project: COVID-19 Inner-City Supports

This grant will help Boyle Street Service Society increase security screening, sanitation practices, outreach supports for vulnerable populations accessing services at the downtown Community Center.

Amount: $40,000

Project: WESeniors Connect: a Digital/Physical Outreach Support Hub for Seniors


Amount: $20,000

Project: A Secure Chat to Secure Safety for Family Violence Victims

This grant will help the Today Family Violence Help Centre add a secure chat feature to its website, giving victims of family violence an accessible tool they can use to reach out for help while maintaining their safety.

Amount: $20,000

Project:  Social inclusion for seniors during COVID-19

This grant will help the Somali Canadian Women and Children Association provide support to ensure an ongoing commitment to seniors in the community.

Amount: $22,000

Project: Resiliency for Frontline Service Providers – Newcomer Serving Agencies

This project will focus on providing some evidence-based, non-intensive approaches to supporting frontline service providers who are currently supporting vulnerable newcomer populations in Edmonton through the COVID-19 crisis.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Remove financial barriers that prevent kids from playing organized sports

This grant will help KidSport provide assistance to children living in the Fort Saskatchewan area who require help participating in organized sports.

Amount: $35,000

Project: Good Food 2 Go

This grant will enable the JPWC to offer low-cost food boxes and meal assembly kits for delivery, along with online educational content focusing on nutrition, kitchen skills & health promotion.

Amount: $71,000

Project: Addressing Food Security for Low resourced Seniors and Marginalized Edmontonians

This project will provide the ability to maintain and /or expand the meal subsidy program for low resourced persons having difficulty accessing appropriate, safe, healthy, reasonably priced home-made meals because of their personal circumstances.

Amount: $21,000

Project: Beyond Food Re-Launch & Space Upgrades

This grant will help the Edmonton Food reopen its Beyond Food Program and improve it by installing new technologies in the program’s space, that will also allow for increased physical distancing during program activities.

Amount: $52,598

Project: Seniors Assisted Transportation and Delivery COVID Response Project

This grant will assist seniors with accessing transportation for medical needs, grocery shopping, prescription pick up, as well as assisting with and delivering groceries, prescriptions, and food hampers for registered riders and partner organizations and their clients.

Amount: $8,000

Project: COVID-19 and IBD: Webinars and Resources

This grant will help Crohn’s and Colitis Canada provide the latest updates on COVID-19 and recommendations to people affected by Crohn’s so they can manage their health during the pandemic.

Amount: $1,500

Project: Community Outreach and Support

This grant is helping Crohn’s and Colitis Canada is pivot its local chapter meetings, education events, and volunteer recruitment to virtual platforms.

Amount: $8,682

Project: Centre for Autism Services Alberta (CFASA) Revised Summer Camp

This grant will help CFASA provide a safe, physically distanced opportunity for 96 children and teens with autism to attend modified summer camp in Edmonton.

Amount: $71,000

Project: Edmonton Isolation Shelter

The Edmonton Isolation Shelter provides a place for Edmontonians affected by homelessness to be tested, isolate, and recuperate from COVID-relate illness.

Amount: $5,000

Project: A Dose of D-Camps

This grant will enable Diabetes Canada to provide a virtual Diabetes Camp (D-Camp) experience for children, youth and families living with type 1 diabetes from Edmonton.

Amount: $10,000

Project: SuzyQ Cart System

The SuzyQ cart System was designed to eliminate most of the challenges that occur in Health Care Community food service – cold food, high food waste, poor customer service and lack of true choice by allowing table or room side service to occur.

Amount: $15,719

Project: Egale’s Virtual Leadership Camp for LGBTQI2S Youth

This grant will enable Egale to offer a virtual leadership camp for LGBTQI2S youth, including a mix of educational, skills building and recreational activities with embedded mental health support.

Amount: $18,692

Project: Technology purchase

This grant will help the Autism Society of Edmonton Area purchase laptops and docking stations to help its staff continue to deliver much-needed programs and services.

Amount: $20,000

Project: COVID 19 Emergency Support

This grant will help the SBHANA provide support for individuals and their families for the unexpected, such as medical supplies, caregiving support, home schooling and for assistance for loss of income due to COVID-19.

COVID has created further strain on caregivers. SBHANA will also set up a Mental Health Support Program for caregivers and host speakers through a virtual event to support caregivers.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Jack.org Digital Mental Health Education Program Expansion in Edmonton

This grant will help Jack.org to build and expand its digital programming to equip young people in Edmonton to care for their mental health and support their peers who may be struggling.

Amount: $36,680

Project: iHuman’s Broadcast Studio Production Project

This project will focus on growing iHuman’s Broadcast Studio capacity and the new virtual programming including producing shows and assisting with the technical set-up of the studio for virtual care sessions.

Amount: $55,000

Project: Enoch Cree Nation COVID-19 Emergency Food Security Assistance Project

The Enoch Cree Nation COVID-19 Emergency Food Security Assistance Project will address the urgent and immediate need for increased food security for the Nation’s members living on and off-reserve.

Amount: $65,470

Project: Play From Home Packs

Starlight has been helping seriously and chronically ill children and their families for over 30 years, in these desperate times of COVID19 and our children’s strict isolation due to being strongly immunocompromised we have created an emergency program called Play From Home Packs.

Amount: $20,000

Project: God’s love grocery and meal services

This grant will help yhe Church of Pentecost Edmonton provide groceries and catering services to seniors, international students, and less privileged immigrants impacted by COVID-19.

Amount: $75,000

Project: Coordinated COVID19 Response Vulnerable Youth Integrated Service Model

This grant will help YESS develop and implement a streamlined process to connect vulnerable youth to services offered by various agencies, communities and levels of government during the pandemic.

Amount: $75,000


This grant will help the Mental Health Foundation create an accessible digital platform to provide supports and resources to young people, families and caregivers in Alberta.

Amount: $75,000

Project: Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) COVID-19 response

This grant will support the YESS COVID-19 Response. This initiative is a direct response to meeting the needs of homeless and vulnerable youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount: $50,000

Project: Together: Improving the lives of newcomer families during COVID-19

This grant will help the SCWCA create safer and stronger families within Canada’s Somali communities.

Amount: $47,000

Project: Supporting Isolated Chinese Seniors

This grant will help ASSIST provide emotional support and information to connect seniors and help them access needed benefits and resources.

Amount: $75,000

Project: Supporting Children, Families and Educators

This grant will help the ICFC employ a Family Support Worker to support and assist  vulnerable populations of children, families and staff as they deal with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount: $33,700

Project: Technology Upgrade for Digital Conversion of Programs & Events

This grant will help ERIEC convert its in-person programs, services and events into a virtual program platform.

Amount: $27,500

Project: Emergency Fund for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Cancer

The COVID-19 Emergency Fund will provide financial and food security support to families who have a child or adolescent in active cancer treatment and to young adults in active cancer treatment in Edmonton.

Amount: $40,000

Project: Indigenous Covid Response

This grant will help the EFC provide support to families and individuals through delivery service and companion shopping. Workers will offer to shop and deliver all essential items to vulnerable people including groceries, medications, education materials, recycling and home items.

Amount: $24, 940

Project: Zoom group treatment

This grant will enable the Edmonton Violence Prevention Centre to adapt its in-office groups to a Zoom format.


Amount: $10,000

Project: The School Lunch Project

With the closing of schools, students who used to receive at least one meal and one snack per day at school are no longer able to access this food. This grant will help the APCC connect with four schools in Edmonton to provide hot meal hampers.

Amount: $7,900


This grant will help the EEA adapt and renew core services to support its members living with epilepsy and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount: $50,000

Project: Emergency Community Support Fund to Address Increasing Food Insecurity

This grant will help the U of A expand an emergency food program to address the food insecurity experienced by newcomer families from Edmonton’s ethnocultural communities who, due to the structural challenges and barriers of resettlement, are some of the most vulnerable to experiencing profound economic impacts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount: $52,324

Project: The Horizon Project

Let’s Talk Science is coordinating an initiative called The Horizon Project. This project will send a caring signal to children in need that they are capable of learning without computer technology and that learning is the key foundation for their futures. This grant will help the program provide Grade 4-6 youth from low socio-economic families with a package of “unplugged” learning resources.

The Emergency Community Support Fund
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