Open Data

In the spirit of transparency, Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) is pleased to offer this unique database of funding information in Edmonton.

Ensuring that our granting data is publicly available is important for reporting, accountability, and helping to paint a better picture of funding in the community.

We make this information available in an open format so that community members can use it for analysis and improved decision making.

Edmonton Landscape

To take the Open Data concept one step further, we built an online database of the funding that goes toward community organizations and projects in Edmonton.

Other funding organizations and agencies graciously provided their funding data to populate this database. Putting all this funding information in one place provides a broader context of philanthropy and community work happening in Edmonton.

While the information is basic and not exhaustive, it can be extremely valuable to improve the decision making of funders and philanthropists. It gives people an opportunity to see what programs are being invested in and how much money is being invested.

The information can also be helpful to charities or organizations working in the community. It helps them understand the landscape they work in.

This database makes it easier for community benefit sector to work strategically and take into account the work of others. Rather than having to comb through each individual funder’s website to find reports, the information is collected in one place.

Click here to access our open data.