Youth Grants

Welcome to Edmonton Community Foundation’s Youth Grants!

We believe in the power of youth to shape the future of our vibrant city. We’re committed to Edmonton’s young residents, so we’ve established two dynamic grant programs aimed at empowering our youth and bringing their innovative ideas to life.

Young Edmonton Grants

The Young Edmonton Grants program is all about providing local youth with the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality. If you’re aged 13 to 24 and have a project in mind that you’re passionate about, we’re here to support you.

  • Grants range from $500 to $3,000
  • Application deadline: March 15
  • Designed to foster youth leadership

Learn more and apply.


The Youth “Vision of Innovation for Community Empowerment” (Youth VOICE) grants are tailored for young students currently enrolled in Grades 7-12 in the Greater Edmonton area. We aim to support teams of two or more youth in creating innovative, community-conscious projects.

  • Grants can offer up to $5,000
  • Application deadline: October 31
  • Designed to support innovative projects or activities

Learn more and apply.