EPISODE 160: Race-Based Bias and Data Replay

Learn about the affect of research on representation

On this episode, we go back into our archives to present a replay of our look at how bias in data gathering can impact representation of communities. Our guest producer, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with three incredible community members with experience in data research, urban planning and activism.

This story originally aired in 2022 while ECF explored the history of racism through its annual Vital Signs initiative. Vital Signs is a check-up to see how the community is fairing on various issues. This work is done in collaboration with Edmonton Social Planning Council and with guidance from a dedicated committee made of people with lived experience.

Through this work, the Committee working on this project learned that there are still many people and communities who are not included in a meaningful way through typical data gathering processes.  These gaps can leave people feeling unheard and unseen.

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